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Training is the best alternative to the crisis

Being one of the best Employment Agencies in Florida, calling for the construction of permanent working options.

With human service, honest and comprehensive to ensure that the selection and implementation of human resources according to the profile of work designed by the Employer.


Training is the best alternative to the crisis
A study by the International Labor Organization (OIT) revealed that the number of unemployed could rise to 55 million during 2009, which has aroused fear in many employees being fired.

Florida is no stranger to this situation. In fact the unemployment rate reached 8.1% in Florida and Miami Dade registering the worst numbers since 1992 and Miami joined the wave of people who lost their jobs at the national level, only Florida in the last 12 months lost 355.700 jobs, however, thanks to the diversified economy of Miami the effects of the crisis have been felt much less than in other places where the situation is much more serious.

In this context it's worth preparing for a possible change in working life. According to the experts should not panic too soon, but it is ideal to take action to deal with a possible period of inactivity.

Below find some tips to help you think about different alternatives to the crisis.

Training is the first weapon of defense, "undoubtedly the improvement of skills is one of the most effective shield to prevent the loss of employment or finding a better," said Óscar Hernán Muñoz Group Coordinator Development Program Working

Many employees who neglect this element is vital to devise other ways inside their organizations, so they reach the development of new skills at a professional level.

"The training will be key to the person to change at work, generate ideas and bring them to reality. Faced with new opportunities you'll have something more to show, plus your resume will be enriched by the training and the performance hit that you can achieve
, "says Maria Claudia Peralta, head of the Department of the Faculty of Organizational Psychology at the University La Sabana, Colombia.

Learning scenarios promote technical training alternatives to help you get the added value that your career path may need in times of crisis.

Another important point on which experts agree is to build networks of contacts, it is vital to communicate the situation to your family, to decrease the risk of depression, which precluded evaluation of alternative employment that may arise .

Finally it is recommended to be prudent in expenditure decisions, and do not borrow the wise use of credit cards as well as learn new things to facilitate their inclusion in other areas within the same company and be prepared to face them without fear of uncertain situations.


  • Provide an option to employees, temporary or permanent
  • Provide efficient workers according to parameters set by our employers

  • Providing a service and solution delivering high quality value to our clients to gain their respect and loyalty.

Values which underpin the implementation of this objective:

  • Our success depends on the growth track and that GV Employment corp, make our employers. .
  • Listen attentively to our employers to truly understand their needs and provide employees who are then translated into permanent solutions to the corporation.

"It is necessary that people work together in union toward common objectives and avoid working at all levels against if they wish to obtain the best performance and achievements"
Dave packard





And achieving grow through new employers that will translate into new employment opportunities, generating useful solutions to the labor market, we understand that we must expand to new areas and states that generate the achievement of new job opportunities to benefit our clients immediate "workers". top

  • To achieve our growth objectives and contribute to the development of our mission, focus our attention on the employment profile of our workforce and the needs of our employers, and to be average in the labor market, there is not enough to be part to be number 1 or number 2 in our fields of work.
  • Consider changes in the market as an opportunity for growth, earnings and use our capabilities to develop and produce strategies to improve our services and generate solutions that meet the emerging needs of our customers.
  • Our size and diversity gives employers the ability to cope with economic cycles and put in our favor.

To help employees GV Employment corp share the company's success with his work that make it possible, provide job opportunities based on performance, creating together a safe work environment, interesting and inclusive values and recognitions individual contributions, to help gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in their work. top

  • The performance starts with motivated employees, whose loyalty is essential.
  • We trust our employees to make it right and make a difference.
  • Everyone has something to contribute; they are not title or ownership level.
  • A work environment interesting and stimulating is essential to promote the power of inventiveness. .
  • A diverse workforce gives us a competitive advantage; employees are responsible to cover a learning process that never ends.
  • Developing leaders to take responsibility in getting the business results and be an example of our values.
  • Our Leaders inspire, foster collaboration and turn vision and strategies into action, with clear and precise objectives.
  • Our leaders are effective, decisive, convey the good news and bad news and make comments that effect. .
  • Our leaders are acting with unanimity and to eliminate the laborious task that is not productive.
It is important to measure people according to their performance compared to objectives that helped to create.
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